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ofRoster table not updated after deleting a user from Active Directory

Hey guys, can someone help me out with the issue I am facing. I have installed Openfire with LDAP, every time I create a user in the Active Directory server and add roster items through the Openfire Admin GUI and afterwards delete that same user from Active Directory, the users contacts in ofRoster table still exist. Is there an additional setting that will force openfire to update the ofRoster table after I have removed a user from Active Directory.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Openfire Version: 4.2.2

There is no setting. As of now, you’ll have to manually clean up the ofRoster table, however I’ve found that by leaving old entries doesn’t have any ill effects other than generate some log warnings.

Thanks a lot for the info @speedy, I will most probably create a plugin with UI for roster clear as a temporary solution.