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Ohùn - A new Openfire plugin for voice chat

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the availability of Ohùn, a new plugin for Openfire.

Ohùn is the Yoruba word for voice and is a simple audio conferencing solution for Openfire using the Kraken WebRTC client and server.

It is for remote teams who can use it everyday to communicate and collaborate all day long without the need to show their faces or any other video. With the absence of video, it ensures high quality audio for the conversation most of the time, even with more than 10 participants.

If you are a remote worker, tired of daily video conference meetings and wish to experience some of the spontaneous discussions with colleagues and team members just listening to each other while working on the same project, then give Ohùn a test and let me know what you think. You call mute yourself, selectively mute noisy peers or even mute everyone when you are busy.

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