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OMEMO Encryption using openfire 4.1.5


I am working with openfire server for more then 1.5 year.

I have developed chat application using smack in android and XMPP framework in IOS which is working fine.

Now i want to make it E2E Encrypted message since SMACk 4.2.0 started supporting OMEMO but however i fails to extends its legecy and couldn’t get any success.

so if any body having expirence with E2E with openfire and smack then please help me.

I am using openfire server 4.1.5 and smack 4.2.0


OMEMO doesn’t work yet with Openfire (at this moment 4.1.6) due to bugs in Openfire’s PEP.

do you know what is bug in PEP which is causing to restrict OMEMO in openfire server.

May be i can fix those or can create a bug report on jira tracker.


I am not sure exactly but OMEMO require to publish list of devices into PEP node and it fails somewhere at this (I am not an expert at this yet).

ok thanks for your suggestions.

do you know what is need to run this i will make my changes accrodingly as i have modified my openfire server so i can do that but i am not sure what exatlty needed to perform this action.


Guus kindly filed a Jira issue on this OF-1427