OMEMO encryption with Openfire?

I didn’t manage to use OMEMO encryption with my Openfire server yet. I use the “Conversations”-Client and already generated an OMEMO fingerprint, but every time I try to send OMEMO-encrypted messages I get a message that there are no keys found for the desired contact.

I don’t get any notification to verify the OMEMO-key of my chatpartner.

Did anyone manage to use OMEMO with Openfire? What am I doing wrong? Or isn’t OMEMO fully implemented yet in Openfire?

Help wanted!

Thanks in advance.

Could be possible that Openfire does not support the required PEP features for OMEMO.

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I have the same Problem.

OMEMO encryption in Conversations 1.12.4 isn’t working with openfire 4.0.2.

Both client use the same app version and are connected to the same openfire server.

Previously, I set up a Prosody-Server and there everything was working fine. So I think, it could be a server problem.

On the openfire server, sending unencrypted messages and publishing avatars (which also uses PEP, i guess) both work fine.

The log-Files don’t show any warning or error on the server-side.

On the android-client, the logcat also has no usable information it just says:

05-27 16:34:57.083 12959-12959/? I/conversations: AxolotlService (XX@ZZ): Creating axolotl sessions if needed…

*05-27 16:34:57.083 12959-12959/? D/conversations: AxolotlService (XX@ZZ): Finding devices without session for YY@ZZ

05-27 16:34:57.084 12959-12959/? D/conversations: AxolotlService (XX@ZZ): Found device YY@ZZ:123456789

*05-27 16:34:57.084 12959-12959/? D/conversations: AxolotlService (XX@ZZ): skipping over YY@ZZ:*123456789 because it’s broken

I know it doesn’t help that much, but here is a screenshot of the german conversations gui to show, how the error looks like.

It says something like:


No usable Keys for this contact available.

New Keys could’nt be downloaded from the server. Maybe the server of the contact is not working correctly.

I really like openfire and want to use it, so please help me with this issue.

Best wishes

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Beside missing or incomplete PEP support in openfire are the any plans for supporting OMEMO in smack?

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It’s not a top priority of my TODO list. The basic’s are simple, i.e. the extension elements and can be easily added to Smack. The tricky part is everything else required for OMEMO.

Since the blogpost of moxie0 (Open Whisper Systems >> Blog >> Reflections: The ecosystem is moving) I am wondering if he is right. Is the community able to push an open federated protocol like XMPP with features needed in “real life”? I think implementing Axolotl/OMEMO in an open XMPP library would we a great response to walled gardens :slight_smile:

Perhaps@Daniel Gultsch could contribute some of the code used in conversations?

I doubt that Daniel has the time for it. It’s not as trivial as it may seems. Why don’t you help out? The major problem with an open standards open source whatsapp alternative is that so few people are contributing. Feel free to join #smack at freenode and get involved.