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OMEMO issues with various clients

i am testing OMEMO with various clients. It is really weird. One second it seems to work, then next second I get lines like this:
“I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doesn’t seem to support that. Find more information on https://conversations.im/omemo
“Cannot use end-to-end encryption because atalk uses a client that doesn’t support OMEMO.”

All these clients support OMEMO, but they al have some sort of problems working with each other.

I have tried Psi+, Conversejs, aTalk, Pix-Art, XgenPlus, Beagle…
Any ideas what is going on and how to make it work?

P.S. I can confirm that InVerse Plugin DOES NOT support OMEMO, as it says in changelog. I have tested it and there is no OMEMO support there. An Update would be nice…

P.S.2. Further testing shows that using demo version of conversejs newest version, Omemo is not supported in Group/Private chat, even using same conversejs client, in group chat for example, each user just gets this message:
“This is an OMEMO encrypted message which your client doesn’t seem to support. Find more information on https://conversations.im/omemo”. Really weird…
Seems like OMEMO fingerprints just can;t be fetched.

P.S.3 Somehow managed to get fingerprints for 2 users to chat with each other. but now when sending OMEMO message, it just don’t even show for another user… :slight_smile: It shows time of message, but no content at all. (with conversejs).

I hope you don’t mind, but i have moved this to a separate topic. So folks with experience with OMEMO would notice this (as your previous thread is about Openfire installation). Again, i think you should ask developers of these clients about what is happening with OMEMO.

In case of inVerse, you can create a ticket at https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-inverse-plugin/issues so its developer (@guus) would see that. Although, inVerse is just a copy of Converse.js client wrapped into a Openfire’s plugin. Maybe it needs updating, as its current version is and it should be to replicate the latest version of Converse.js. By the way, as you were asking about professional help with installation before, maybe you will be willing to sponsor fixes/development as well. This might get things moving forward faster.

The inVerse plugin (Openfire’s plugin that wraps Converse) does not, and will not, support OMEMO.

Converse does support OMEMO. The Converse documentation explains how this is to be installed:

For end-to-end encryption via OMEMO, you’ll need to load libsignal-protocol.js separately in your page. Take a look at the section on libsignal and the security considerations around OMEMO.

The libsignal-protocol-js library by Open Whisper Systems is made available under a license that prevents Openfire from bundling it, as Openfire is distributed under an incompatible license.

If you’re interested in enabling OMEMO support in Converse, you’ll either need to install a stand-alone variant of Converse (instead of using the inVerse plugin), or you’ll need to create your own version of the inVerse plugin.

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Has anyone of you guys actually have OMEMO fully working with no glitches with some clients, chatting at private chats and group chats? I keep trying various clients, if omemo seems to work at private chat, then it does not work in group chat, or there is some other issue, can’t fetch fingerprints and so on.
Does anyone have a working infrastructure to chat privately and for a group with OMEMO? Cheers!

Now the messages don’t even go through anymore. no idea what is going on. Pix-Art is saying its trying to fetch keys… nothings happening. Still can’t undertand the reason behind why with 1 person there is no issue turning OMEMO on, and with other nothing works (just as with group chat). I’ve made sure that group chat room settings are Members-only, and non-anonymous. Does not help.

Installed Conversations App. testing it out with new users created and ConverseJs web client. It seems that it is working correct in private chat, everything shows ok, but in Group chat (2 users only), Conversations App can see what ConverseJs is typing, but ConverseJs is not showing Conversations App messages. No idea why. Will test other client with conversations app.

Tested Conversations VS Beagle IM - private chat OMEMO was enabled after sending few unencrypted messages, from both sides, and then restarting Beagle IM app. Group chat Omemo does not work with Beagle.