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On reboot Cannot open database "openfire" requested by the login. The login failed

Hello all. I have been searching the forum for this but cant find so pardon the repeat.

On a windows 2008 R2 server with SQL server 2008 i have open fire and spark. The service is installed and running. However after a reboot open fire does not respond. Service says started.

If i open the GUI console and wait a minute then ever thing works. The one clue i have is the logs always contain this error

"java.sql.SQLException: Cannot open database “openfire” requested by the login. The login failed. "

Please help.

Additional information.

I just closed the GUI and all spark users were disconnected. I then restarted the service and ever thing works. Service start up type was “Automatic” Might it need to be set as “Delayed Start”?

I have it running as a service on the same OS with Automatic setting and it works ok. I suggest to never run it with a GUI Launcher. It looks like you have run into two Openfire instances running at the same time issue. Your service didn’t yet start or you have run GUI Launcher prior starting the service, so your Openfire was running with a GUI process and when you closed it, the server was shutdown. That’s why you had to restart the service to make it running again. And the error was probably because the service couldn’t connect to a database already opened by the GUI process.

Also i suggest installing it in C:\Openfire to avoid issues with UAC security.