On The Phone Status and Ring Events

When there is an inbound call to one of my devices, I find that there are ON_PHONE and RING events fired but there is no event fired when the call is connected (answered).

This leads to a couple of annoyances:

  1. When I call someone on my contact list, they show as on the phone as soon as their phone is ringing. Often times, I call someone and then I think to check their status to see if they are busy or whatever. Of course it shows them as on the phone by this time but I don’t know if they are on another call or if it’s just because their phone is ringing.

  2. We have some ring groups setup so that when a call comes into support or sales or whatever, a bunch of devices are dialed. So now, all those people on my contact list will show as on the phone until someone answers the call. Then everyone except that one person goes back to their old status.

Is there anyway to configure asterisk IM so that it shows on the phone only when a user device is actually connected?