One user get "Not Authorized" - All others OK

A user in our system gets a message that he is Not Authorized, no matter what workstation he uses, so It does not seem to be workstation or client dependant. All other users can log into the server (usually using pidgin or GAIM) . Nothing is logged in the server’s error.log. The only thing unusual about his login is that his LDAP password is short - only four characters. His name shows up in the server “User List” His LDAP password is correct - he uses it for other apps.

Any ideas? Does the server have a minimum password length requirement? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


are there any non-alphanumeric characters in either his username or password? sorry for my previous post on the original doc. i think it may have sounded harsh.

No, he says it’s all numeric, but my own password has a “&” in it and the system is OK with that. No worries about “tone.” I’m new here, and I appreciate the guidance.

have you tried logging in as that user yourself. i hate to say it but it could be user error. also maybe try a longer password for him you can always set it back if that is not the issue.