One user unable to login

Hi Guys,

Have a strange problem. We have 1 user unable to login. The other users in his OU are able to login however. The only difference is the AD groups they are members of.

Our AD setup:

We have an OU called employees. In this OU there are child OUs for each department. Our Base DN is set to be the employee OU. There are no groups in this OU as all of our groups are elsewhere within AD. I can see the user attempting to login in the openfire logs (I assume it was him, the timestamps reference the rough times of his attempted logins)

2010.10.21 09:30:11 User Login Failed. PLAIN authentication failed

Actually, I tell a lie about the no groups thing. I had to create one group in the Employees OU tonight in order to create a shared contact list in openfire. This worked like a dream. Its just this one user I can’t seem to get logged in…which is annoying as its the MD The problem existed before I created this group.

On another note…could someone point me in the direction of the best MSI to use for the latest version of Spark. After reading a few threads I couldn’t really figure out what state its in. Seems to be a bit hit and miss.

Thanks again


Anyone got any ideas?