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One way roster population


I justinstalled openfire server and so far I’ve created some groups

One ofthese groups is our main office, so I shared this group to all users inopenfire server.

I also havesome users that I have not added to any group since it’s not necessary, so, whenone of these users logs in, they already have the main office’s group ascontact list which is fine, but let’s say I’m a member of main offices’ group,I can’t see this user, I can chat with him only when he sends me a message, heappears to be offline.

These usersdon’t belong to any group because they are single offices. I could create agroup let’s say “single offices” and share it to main office’s group, but I don’twant this “single offices” group to see each other. Is there any way to share agroup and avoid the members of this group to be visible?

Thank youvery much for your help.

You can create a group “single office” as you said and share it only with the group “Main office”.

That way, only the members of the main office will see all the users.

Thank you very much for your help.

I have 25 users on single office’s group, and I already shared this group with main office.

The problem is that when I enable contact list group sharing on single office’s group, this make them visible

to main office group which is fine, but it also make those 25 users on single group visible among each other.

I only created single office’s group in order to popullate main office’s contact list and not adding each contact manually.

Is there any other way I can achieve this?

Best Regards

When enabling group sharing for one of the single offices group, check the “The following groups:” and select only main office group. Do this for all 25 single offices groups.