Online contact missing from list

Spark 2.6.3, Openfire 3.9.3

Some of my online contact suddently went missing after I came back from my locked PC.

I’ve try to install Spark in other workstation, the missing contact did appear as normal, but some other contacts are missing as well.


Try restarting the Openfire server.

What I did was restart my Spark, not the Openfire server, and all my online contacts appeared normal.

But the thing is, I’ve been using this for 3 days, and this happens for 2-3 times already, I could not just ask my user to restart/relogin their Spark everytime they found some online contacts are missing.

Is this a known bug or any fix to it?


As i said, try restarting the Openfire. It may be not a Spark issue.

Tried restarting OpenFire. Just received feedback from user, Online contacts are still missing.

There should be 22 users online but they can only see 3 of them in the list. All the other are not even in the offline list, it had gone missing from the list.


How do you add users. Are you using LDAP integration? Do you use shared groups, so users get the needed contacts automatically? Or do your users add them manually?

If you are using LDAP, maybe you are hitting this bug OF-830 . There is no solution so far, other than going back to 3.9.1 version. Though Steve seems to have found a possible cause (weird characters in the names of users in LDAP, he explains his findings in the comments).

Thanks for the suggestion wroot, but I’m not using LDAP integration.

My profile setting are :

Default - Store users and groups in the server database. This is the best option for simple deployments.


TO clarify, the online contacts are shared roster, usually only happens to large group.

If I do an uninstallation of Openfire 3.9.3 and install Openfire 3.9.1, will all my contacts and groups remains?

And how do I perform the downgrade? Any link to download 3.9.1?

Edit: Running on Window server 2003

If you are not using LDAP, then it is probably not the case. Anyway, here is the link _3_9_1.exe

It should work by just uninstalling 3.9.3 and installing 3.9.1 (i did this on my test box). But you should of course do a backup of your current installation (stop Openfire and copy whole C:\Programs Files\Openfire\ folder),

I upgrade to 3.9.3 on Windows Server 2003 32bits using LDAP and the sharing group broke.

My working solution was:

  • Into every Group settings, unmark share and save, after this masrk share and choose other groups or users in the list and save.

After this last setting users received immediately the missing contacts list.

Only two notes: this upgrade, after restarting server, removed user authorized to logon into console and removed my settings to drop packets. I’ll need to redo.