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Online contacts appearing as offline?

Several of my contacts have started recently appearing as Offline, even though they are Online and having conversations with me. I double-checked with them that their status was either “online” or “free to chat”, but they’re still showing as “Offline” in my list (and others’ lists as well). Any idea how to fix this?



same as my problem…i don’t know who can solve this error,

What version of Spark? Have you tried to restart the server (Openfire?)? Also would be good to check server’s errors log.

Spark is version 2.6.3. I’m not on the IT team - just a user. Apparently our IT team is looking into this but they don’t yet know how to fix it; I was just asking on the boards here to see if anyone had already figured out what the problem is.

Well, i think then your IT team should look into this. Can’t do or test much without the access to the server and without knowing your server’s configuration.

i think it happens due to electricity out,

it can be resolved by logging out from the user that we could not see they are online.