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Online Users List


How I can get an online users list?

I have a hundreds of users and I going check online list every 15 seconds, so I need a fast way to get online list.

Users Presense plugin give an apportunity to get status of only one user. I think that many HTTP requests (for each user, each 15 seconds) will require a lot of server resources.

Is there solution for that?


Try my online users plugin:


Hello, Michael. Thanks for reply.

Good plugin, but It’s only for get number of online users. I need to get a list of logins.

Hi Serzh,

How do you mean a list of logins?

Your plugin only counts the number of users who are online right now.

I don’t need a number. I need a list of usernames of online users.

Aah Ok I understand. As far as I know this doesn’t exist at the moment, but it shouldn’t be too hard to implement that additionally in my plugin.

I’m just thinking about if the URL where the list would be returned should be public or not (because of privacy issues maybe)…

I think It should be tunable by administator.

In “private mode” you can check the secrect key:


In “public mode” just:


Hi Serzh,

I just updated the sources & binary on the github project page.

It is now possible to access the list of onlineusers through http://yourserver:9090/plugins/onlineusers/list.

If you want it to be public available, add the following property to your system properties in the admin console: plugin.onlineUsers.list.disableAuth and set it to true.

Be aware that you have to restart the server in order to enable this setting. Maybe a plugin restart is also possible, but I didn’t try that.

If this setting is not specified, the standard admin login is required to get the list. I think this is openfire’s default behaviour and I didn’t want to change it to another (with e.g. the secretKey as you proposed).

The list is returned as a JSON array.

Hope you like it.


Hi Michael,

Really thanks for that! Plugin works great) I like it!

You saved me a lot of time. I was going to parse admin console (curl+php)

And I think this plugin will be useful not only for me. I found a several topics on this forum with same problem.

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Hi, @Michael Weibel

I already set

plugin.onlineUsers.list.disableAuth set it to true.

at system properties in the admin console:

also reload the plugin and restart openfire.



keep ask me to login, why?

I’m not using openfire anymore therefore I can’t really help you there.

The code responsible for that is this line:

https://github.com/candy-chat/onlineUsersPlugin/blob/master/src/java/com/amiadog roup/openfire/onlineUsers/OnlineUsersServlet.java#L59

Maybe one who knows openfire/plugins better could answer on this.