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Online Users number on webpage

I need to show online users number on my webpage.

Please help me!

Something like this?

statistics page


translation, from top to down:

activity last 24h (red: online users, green: resources online)

activity last week

activity last month

registered users last month


https://jabber.rwth-aachen.de/ => “Aktueller Status”


Current Status

Currently we have 834 registered users. Therefrom are 117 users online at this moment.


see http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/149690

But if you want to use this plugin, you will need some knowledge about java and openfire plugin development, so you can throw everything a way you don’t need or want.


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I want little java-applet which write only number of online and active users at that moment.

If you have a little bit java knowledge it would not be that complicated to write a simple plugin with a servlet, which outputs everything you want. This file could loaded by a PHP script. See presence plugin (or my WebReg) for an example.


I search the same thing

print the number of users online on a room in a web page

I don’t know java

I just know mysql and php

It have any way to find infos in bdd or other to do this ?



could someone help me please ? thank you