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Online users' status showing as offline

I’ve recently upgraded OpenFire to 3.9.3 and immediately after the upgrade we began experiencing an issue where:

  1. When a user logs in to their client all users show their status correctly. However, after a certain amount of time has passed users in their contact list begin to appear as offline, although they are still online and can be communicated with as normal.
  2. If a user that appears to be offline changes their status then that status change is correctly reflected in the client. But again, after a certain amount of time passes that user appears to be offline again.

I’ve done some searching on the issue and have tried suggested fixes, eg:

  1. Fired up ntpd to keep the system clock in sync.
  2. Updated Java.
  3. Increasing the Roster/VCard cache sizes until they are no longer being shrunk frequently.

None of these have worked, I can no longer see anything in my logs that might indicate a problem.

Are you using LDAP? Though the issue is about shared group disappearing, it may be related - OF-830

Downgrading to 3.9.1 is probably the quickest solution.

Nope. We’re using the built-in account/authentication system.

I’ve switched on Debug logging and searched some of the messages that seem odd to my untrained eye, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything useful. Is there any further info I could provide that might shed some light on this issue?

I don’t know what info could be useful investigating this issue.