OOM when loading "User/Groups" tab

I have an Openfire server with over 100k user accounts. When I open the “Users/Groups” tag in the admin portal it loads all users in a single page.
At first I was getting a timeout error, after increasing the timeout it throws an Out Of Memory exception. I gave it enough memory to finish and thats when i noticed why it was happening.
When the page finally loaded with the timeout removed and the extra memory, all the users are shown in a single page that crashes the browser tab after a few seconds of scrolling.
I have other Openfire installations where the pagination works and the page loads instantly with the same amount of users.
Is there a setting to enable pagination?
I’m using a MySQL db as user account source.


That’s weird - Openfire should pretty much always paginate. Maybe the preferences for this particular user got corrupted somehow. Can you try adding a query parameter to the URL of the user-summary.jsp page, like so: https://example.org:9091/user-summary.jsp?start=0&range=10 - That should force a page size of 10.

Thanks for that @guus! :fire:
I tried adding the query parameters to the URL and it works. What i can’t explain is that after doing that once it started working without.
But anyways, thanks its working now :slight_smile:

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Openfire will store the last page size selection as a user preference. That’s why it works without the explicit arguments after you supplied them once.

That user must have, at one point, explicitly selected ‘show everything on one page’, which got stored in the same preference.