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Open Archive Search Options Don't work!?

Hi all,

Running Openfire 3.4.4 and have Open Archive 1.0.4 installed.

The install went ok and i have the ‘Archive Settings’ and ‘Search Archive’ menu options on my server screen.

When i go to search the archives (after enabling it of course) and just hit search it brings back all results (with the default ‘since yesterday’ and no specific search criteria). … but if i type in ‘user name’ or ‘full name’ in the participants box or enter specific date ranges i get no results.

the ‘since yesterday’ through ‘since last year’ options seem to work and the keyword seems to work. but only if i don’t have specific participants and/or date ranges.

Also the window title says ‘???login.title???:Archive Settings’ and ‘???login.title???:Search Archive’ for their respective screens… weird. (please note that i did rename the archie-1.0.4.jar to archive.jar)

any ideas?