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Open fire connection manager

Hi Experts

Current version we have is 4.2.2, our requirement is to connect openfire server from dmz server.

  1. Installing connection manager in dmz server and connecting to openfire server will work?
  2. We planning this for development itself, to get access from internet, so will this work without ssl?
  3. Which port we have to connect from client…5222?
  4. Without connection manager any other options?

Regards & Thanks

  1. Connection manager is very old and is not updated anymore. It might work, but it is not secure and may have incompatibilities with the latest Openfire version.
  2. Openfire should work without SSL. I haven’t used connection managers, but i think it should also work without SSL. But it seems that you want to connect to your main production server this way. If production server is setup to work with SSL, i think you won’t be able to connect to it without SSL via connection manager, but i can’t say for sure. You can test yourself.
  3. 5222

thanks wroot for the reply.

So is there any other option to achieve this without connection manager? For production we are planning like internet -> f5 load balancer -> openfire, hope this arch will work.
but temporarily we want expose our openfire dev server to internet so that we can work from outside network .

So the dev server will be a separate one? Then i would just expose it itself or forward 5222 port from outside to that server via firewall/NAT.

will 5222 port forwarding work with xmpp connection?

Yes, it should work