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Open Fire, IM, SIP audio video, enterprise

Open Fire looks very promising,

Only took me an hour or so to get Open Fire installed and setup on an Apple Xserve, Mac OS 10.5.6 and it is hooked into Active Directory.

Both Adium and iChat work as Jabber clients, (not at the same time of course)

General questions:

A hospital in Los Angeles is looking for an alternative to the expensive MS Office Communications Server, and Open Fire looks great.

5000 users

They are Active Directory, but going to implement SIP across the board, SIP server, etc, SIP /VOIP phones, SIP audio video (Radvision), etc.

  1. Roll this out on a Windows box or OS X boxes. Failover?, do they need 2 boxes. Can 1 box handle 5000 users?

  2. Does Open Fire support audio video? I believe it does, via plugins, how does get this working?

  3. Clients: Seems like Adium is the best on Mac OSX , but I do not believe Adium has audio-video implementation.

Ideally a cross platform client, Jabber, SIP, that can do IM, audio, video, and group

Radvision has a client, but I believe it is proprietary and Windows only.

  1. Security, what are the security concerns?, is SSL enough, etc.

thanks in advance,