Open Fire in a Coporation

Hello Everybody,

What is the maximium number of clients spark that can connect to an Open Fire server? What is the recommendation of hardware and software, Should I use another database to run with 2.000 ~ 2.100 clients?

Windows or Linux have the better performance to use OpenFire?


Diego (from Brazil)

The number of users just depends on your LDAP (if you use) and the database for this machine numbers must be SQL or Oracle Enterprise to use 40+ simultain conections

The servers I use in Windows for 200 users and never had any problem, however in linux to believe increase performance


John Suhanov

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Hi Diego,

you can connect 2000 users to Openfire without problems, you may have already read If you plan to use archiving then you must not use the embedded database. Windows or Linux makes no real difference in performance.

You may want to choose the system which you have good skills to manage things.


Excelent LG !

But what is the best database to use with open fire in linux and windows too.

Very thanks!

Hi Diego,

the best database is a database which you know how to backup and restore. The embedded database allows a simple file copy to make a (usually) consistent backup, so it’s quite easy to restore, see also So one can use it. It’s not a big problem to migrate the data into another RDBMS like MSSQL or Oracle if needed, see also Migration from embedded-db to MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, ….

Linux and MySQL are used quite often: