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Open Fire Logs to Windows Event Log?

Hey guys,

We’re just installed OpenFire 3.6.4 on a Windows 2003 server for testing. Our question is:

Is there a way to dump the Open Fire Logs into the Windows Event Logs?

I think I saw a previous post from a user called Manny that was posted a year (or two) ago asking about the same issue/request. But a concrete solution was never provided.

We’d like to be able to :

  • Log when users login and out from the OpenFire server

  • If a user enters the wrong password or username

  • Any system events/alerts

  • Etc

I think I also saw a post somewhere on the site about a plug-in for a Syslog server (with logs/messages sent over the network) but that involved having a syslog server somewhere on the network. We’d like to avoid this route and just have all logging going into the Windows Event Logs. The Server Logs within the Admin Console aren’t detailed enough for what we’re looking for.

Any ideas or suggestions?