Open fire server behind a isa 2006 firewall

Hi all,

it is nice talking to all of you,

i have built an openfire server and every thing works fine internal my LAN, chatting, voice and file transfer. I have tried to publish the server so that some of our external employees can use it. I published it using ISA 2006 server. I opend all ports that are displayed at the first page of the administration page (5222, 5223, 7777, 7070, 10000-20000, 3478, 3479). from outside “Internet” the writing chating and file transfer works fine. but the voice chat is not working at all. when i invite some one for voice chatting he can see the invitation, and after he click “accept” it give an error message that “it can not work and this can be due to firewall problems” and stopped the firewall service at the two machines but still facing the same problem. can any one help me solving this problem. or send me any documents that talks about publishing the Openfire server through firewall especially ISA server.

Thank you