Open fire with custom database

Anybody here , know how can integrate openfire with my database.

Thanks for all


Hi Thiago,

Have you looked at the Custom Database Integration Guide on the Openfire documentation page?



I am also facing difficulty using a custom database with OpenFire. I have followed the instructions in the custom databae integeration guide, copied & pasted their samples into my openfire.xml file and made the necessary changes to match my database connection/tables. I have even tested the SQL commands by running them mannually to make sure there are no syntax errors. However, when I try to login as one of the users, I get an “invalid username or password” error. When I login to the administrator, the only user I see there is the default admin user that was created when I installed Openfire. Not sure if I am supposed to see all of the users from the custom database or not.

Not sure if I am doing anything wrong or how I can check if my configuration changes are correct. Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated.