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Open ldap roster groups


First off all I want to say thank you guys who develop and support this amazing jabber server.

We are using this server since it was wildfire but several days ago I faced with several problems which I can’t resolve.

1). I have open ldap server with user accounts and groups.

My goal is to setup roster groups which can be viewed by certain group.

For example ldap group sales can be visible only for group sales_view.When I type in group search ‘sales’ I see two groups sales and sales_view, but when I click “Enable contact list group sharing” I could not found group sales_view in the list.

I have standart ldap structure like : uo=People,dc=company,dc=com. ou=Group,dc=company,dc=com.

What I did wrong? How I can configure roster according with my requiements.

In my ldap setup for openfire I have correct settings. Simple group sharing is working correctly. For exmple do group sales visible ony for group sales(by default).

2). One time I have some ldap problem and I can’t login to openfire admins webconsole to change ldap settings. I tried to find admin account in my oracle database and I find passwrod “123456”(field plain passrod, encr password=null) . But I can’t use it. I tried username “Administrator” without any result. Of cause I have correct my admins in openfire config file.

How I can get back my admins rights for openfire.



Dear Community

Could you please assist me to resolve my issues with the roster vi ldap groups on my openfire server.

My problem was described in post below(First point).

I have attached screen with my groups search result. I want setup roster for groups jabber-user which can be viewed only for jabber-users-view group. But I can’t do this. Please assist me. I tried to do this thought "“Enable contact list group sharing” .

I have just updated to 3.6.3 version. We are using openfire server all around our company. I need to do correct rosters for all my users,

I tried to clear cache and restart server - > no result .



edit /etc/openfire/openfire.xml

change true to false. You’ll go through the web setup again but it remembers your previous settings and uses it as defaults.

forgot to mention you’ll need to restart the service for changes to take effect

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have just tried to do what you suggest on my test openfire server and now I see all groups.

But all configuration for LDAP invoroment in openfire is very inconveniently. It forget all settings that you have just entered. It is awfull.

I don’t exactly undestand what i need to do with my production jabber server. It uses Oracle databse for users information and what will support script do will database if see that it is not empty.

Actually I don’t understand why this is no other wat that reinstall all my jabber server? Why it can’t be fixed on my production server with ldap intergraion? I’m sure that the problem are in database structure or in jabber server caches.