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Open openfire to outside world via Ubuntu svr

Hey guys,

I just set up openfire for a LAN network and have a couple people that would like to connect to the server from outside the LAN. I am guessing this involves opening ports on our modem since the machine I have openfire on is a VM w a bridge connection connected to mydesktop which is hardwired in to a work domain and openfire will soon be put on its own box.

advice? assistance?

Please and thanks

You need to allow at minimum port tcp/5222 into your network - Probably will also have to put in a NAT rule to translate your outside IP to your inside workstation address. Talk to whoever maintains your network as to how you accomplish this.

You will then have to setup A and SRV records in DNS so external clients know what to connect to. There are plenty of examples of this on the forum,

thanks, ill try this first thing tuesday morning !