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Open ports for voice?

I have a new install of Openfire that I am working with. The installation and configuration to use Active Directory was very easy. I am having some problems though between my Spark clients. I would like to use voice between the clients and when I try to perform a Computer to Computer call the Initiator gets an error saying Session Closed due to Closed Remotely. The receiving end gets Voice chad ended: No Media Received. This may be caused by firewall configuration problems.

I have the following ports open on my firewall




10000-10050/UDP ( I Changed the port range for the Media Proxy to this range. I have also tried it as TCP)

Anyone have any more information I can use to get this setup?

The STUN server also needs a few ports open.

However, since the voice connection is directly end2end, you have to check for firewalls at the clients, too.