OpenCms and Openfire users integration

Hi all,

I´m working to integrate the user authorization of Openfire with the users of OpenCms. To do that I have changed the property provider.auth.className to use my class OpencmsAuthProvider through an Openfire plugin, but when I restart Openfire there is a ClassNotFoundException. I have tried to change the class loader to add programatically my class, but when I restart Openfire it loads first its own classes throwing a** ClassNotFoundException** and then loads the classes of its plugins, I have thought to copy the plugins jar to the directory lib of Openfire programatically.

Any idea?



The ClassNotFoundException occurs because i´ve modified the property **provider.auth.className **with the class that executes the authentication, the problem is that Openfire tries to load the class before loading the plugin but at this time the class is not loaded yet.

The solution is easy, in the method destroyPlugin modify the property provider.auth.className with the default auth provider and in the method initializePlugin modify the property with my class.


Ángel C. Lázaro