Openfire 3.10.0 Beta Breaks LDAP Authentication

Hi Everyone,

I recently deployed the stable version of Openfire and configured it to use LDAP authentication. That was working great. I then upgraded Openfire to 3.10.0 beta so that I could leverage the new Openfire Meetings plugin for video conferencing. As soon as I did the upgrade, nobody could use LDAP to authenticate via Spark client.

In order to confirm that the upgrade was the cause of my issues, I did a restore of the server to the previous day. As soon as the server was restored to the previous stable release, everyone could authenticate again. I then tried the upgrade one more time and the same authentication issue occurred for users.

One thing I noticed during the upgrade is that the installer asked me if I wanted to overwrite existing JAR files with the new ones from the installer. I told it to do so. Could that be part of the problem?

I’m running this on Windows Server 2008R2.

Thanks in advance for your time and help!


Odd…I didn’t have any problem with upgrading and I’m using LDAP/AD as well. I also elected to overwrite existing jars…after the update, were you able to sign into the admin console?


Yes, I was able to authenticate with my same LDAP credentials to the admin console just fine. I thought that part was odd. Spark just comes back and says “invalid username or password”.


if you were able to log in the admin page, than ldap was working. Its likely something else causing the issue, but its hard to say without being able to further trouble shoot it.


I have similar problem with new installation. 3.10.0 beta doesn’t work with AD and 3.9.3 with same LDAP/AD config works. (CentOS 6.6)

Spark client can’t connect with this error “invalid username or password”


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