Openfire 3.10.0 + Hazelcast clustering plugin fails with several connections simultaneously

We have installed this version 3.10.0 with Hazelcast clustering plugin in 2 servers. Also, we have installed our TLS certificate on the Openfire servers.

All the funcionality looks working properly when clients are connected slowly. Our problems are when we try to connect for example 1.000 clients more o less simultaneously to the chat. Firstly, we can see how clients connect to the chat, but from a concret amount of clients connected, no more than 100 on each server, Openfire doesn’t accept more clients. It seems like if it has problems with the avalanch of connection requests.

Anybody has experienced this situation? Do you know if there is a configuration that we have to change? In case it is a detected bug, anybody knows if the new releases on last June solve this problem? Our clients use the smack lib.

Thank you very much,


Are you on linux? That 1,000 number sounds like the system ulimit security setting for open file descriptors.

Yes, we are on linux. About the open files description we have:

  • soft nofile 1048576

  • hard nofile 1048576

So I think it’s not our problem.

Thank you.