Openfire 3.10.1 no connection with conversations

Hi Everybody,

something strange is going on with the last 2 updates of the openfire server. I am running it on a Ubuntu Server 12.04. I updated to 3.10 which made Spark versions older than 2.7 stop connecting.

With the update to 3.10.1 this issue has been fixed. But now i have the problem that the brilliant Android Jabber Client “conversations” does not connect anymore.

Any hints on that?

kind regards,

You can try 3.10.2 alpha from here Re: 100% CPU usage on 3.10.1

Maybe it will work. I had no problem connecting to 3.10.1 with Yaxim, Xabber (original and beta). Haven’t tried Conversations though.

In 3.10.1 there were a change to SSL Hello, which let older clients like Spark 2.6.3 to connect when using TLS again.