Openfire 3.10.2 / Pandion: Error 406 & 500 adding specific contacts

Well, hello community,

This is my first time starting a discussion here, and hoping very much that you can assist as my team really needs a solution for the hurdle we’re facing.

Since changing to version 4.0.2, one of the chat clients in our environment; Pandion, is throwing error code 406 and 500 when adding certain contacts.

We’ve tried adding contacts who are in rosters, not in rosters, across many machines, with multiple Pandion versions, in different configurations. Approx 30% of attempts fail with 406 or 500.

The server-side was a fresh install with new DB.

Spark, Pidgin, and Jitsi do not encounter these issues.

We’ve had no luck finding any clues in logs - whether local or server-side.

Would greatly appreciate any guidance you might be able to offer.

Thank you in advance for any help,


Packet Filter Rules, even though set as pass, we removed them and seems the error’s cleared up.