Openfire 3.10.3 + Spark 2.7.3 (VoIP, Sip)

Hi everyone, Im having a problems with VoIP, Sip configuration on my Openfire Server (Windows Server 2012R2)

I successfully configured LDAP and SSO in my domain environment

Can someone suggest me what can i try to get internal calls with spark clients?

I tried Asterisk with Sip plugin and Asterisk-IM plugin but i didn’t receive solution that would create sip accounts for my ldap users automatically…

Voice chat is broken in 2.7.x versions of Spark. I suggest looking for some other client for now. E.g. Jitsi. But that’s for voice chat between clients. Can’t say anything about sip and asterisk integration. Asterisk-IM plugin hasn’t been updated for a long time.

Thanks for tips wroot,ok then.

Now for my environment more priority is IM so I think i will use Spark.

Maybe in future i will try some Sip servers with chat feature and ldap integration.

But now i think Spark with SSO is fine for me.

Can you please give me advice how to configure Spark client for all my 900+ users =)

So there side work would be only click on shortcut =)

If you need to configure sso, you can search the forum. There are some recent threads and documents on this topic. But i don’t know how much it can be automated. Not using sso myself. We are only distributing default settings files via gpo script. But then one has to input username and password for the first login.

I already configured SSO its working =)

Can you give me tips how to distribute default settings file?

Do you have script to replace spark.jar\org\jivesoftware\resource\ via gpo?

By default settings i meant file with predefined values. To distribute “default properties” you will have to distribute modified spark.jar file.

Oh in appdata? You can set in it options like hide add group and users or similar?

Also other settings files like layout, roar, flashing, etc. You can set lots of GUI settings in there and then say put a script which copies those files into user’s appdata on Logon (with a check “if exists, do nothing”). So every new user will have similar settings.

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Cool but I can’t find sample with all versions of settings that i can set in that file. Maybe you have it?

Well, i just set everything in my Spark and then copied my settings (removing the login information). There is no template for it.