Openfire 3.10 and Broadcast Plugin

Hi everyone,

I updated openfire to the last version, and i tried to use broadcast plugin.

I configured it adding the properties to system properties and specifying the allowed users to create broadcast messages.







The thing is that when i enabled the property broadcast.enabled = true all spark clients can send broadcast messages, because the option start appearing in all users.

I need to add specific users and groups to allow send broadcast messages.

Broadcast plugin and Client Management plugin are independent. First one controls who can send broadcasts using Openfire’s broadcast option (by sending a message to group’s JID, etc.). Latter one is only controling Spark’s internal broadcasting option, which is independent and is not a standard broadcast (it actually sends a lot of simple messages, instead of using groups JIDs, etc.).

So, if disable Client Management and the broadcast message and start conversation option dissapear from spark.

How i send a broadcast message using the broadcast plugin from spark?

Yes, if you disable Broadcast in the Client management, then there is no option to send a broadcast from Spark at all.

When broadcast is not disabled, go to menu Actions > Start a chat. Enter such address groupname@broadcast.servername and then enter your message and send it.

Wroot, is there any option to block send broadcast (from spark) and enable start a chat option to use the BroadCast Plugin ?

I have to restrict to some users to send them.

There is no such option.