Openfire 3.10 and ofmeeting 0.0.2 can not share desktop

Browser always redirect to Openfire Meetings - Chrome Web Store

Although I installed Openfire Meetings Extension for Chrome but still can not share desktop.

Below is Chrome log display from ofmeet-screenshare.js

Failed to obtain the stream to switch to Inline installs can only be initiated for Chrome Web Store items that have one or more verified sites

Is this issue of Chrome plugin or Ofmeet?

Anyone fix that issue?

I need to verifiy a public web site in order to use the auto-install feature of the app store. In the meantime, install the extension manually and refresh the application web page in order to connect to the extension.

Hi Dele,

I already install OF meetings extension manually by using “load unpacked extension” point to chrome-extension folder of ofmeet.

Reload the page.

Screen share function still does not work.

The error log is still the same.

how do I deal with this?

Hello NTCorp, have you figured it out?

I have the same problem


Hi gonzalo,

I’ve not solved the problem yet.

If you can solve it, please share with me.


My current steps:

  • Install manually the extension from ofmeet folder -> did not work
  • Modify the code to avoid download the extension:

function obtainScreenFromExtension(streamCallback, failCallback) {


function (isInstalled) {

if (isInstalled) {

doGetStreamFromExtension(streamCallback, failCallback);

} else {



function (arg) {

console.log(“Extension installed successfully”, arg);

// We need to reload the page in order to get the access to chrome.runtime



function (arg) {

console.log(“Failed to auto install the extension”, arg);

failCallback(arg);, “_blank”);


‘Install manually and reload webpage’);







by simply:

function obtainScreenFromExtension(streamCallback, failCallback) {


doGetStreamFromExtension(streamCallback, failCallback);



=> didn’t work

  • I have also changed the config.js to use webrtc => did not work

My company is going to decide if use openfire based on screen sharing demo, so I need at least a workaround on this, any help or idea is welcome.


**Note ** If you want to share your screen, you’ll need to open the HTTPS version of the page. .

@Dele Olajide That’s an important note: my issue has been solved

Thank you

Tank you so much, it works!!!

So to sum up, to anyone who has the same issue is to download and install the plugin but ensuring the ofmeet is under https.

thanks again!