Openfire 3.10 + ofmeet + LDAP

Hi. I’m running Openfire 3.10 Alpha and openfire-meetings 0.7. It works when I use default local users and groups. However when I bind my server to LDAP there’s no audio or video from the other participants of the conference. I created an LDAP user named ‘focus’ since that’s what openfire uses to manage mucs. I’ve also ensured that the focus is an admin under Group Chat Settings.

I noticed a bunch of these in the error log:

“org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider - Could not find user in LDAP ofmeetxxxx” where the x’s are random numbers. It looks like ofmeet is trying to dynamically create users on my ldap server and, as expected, it can’t.

Any suggestions? Am I supposed to get HybridAuth working? Is this a known issue? Will this never work with LDAP?

UPDATE: As it turns out, I had created the focus user in LDAP, but I didn’t set the password correctly. Openfire had randomly generated one. You can find it (and set it) in your Server System Properties. It’s called org.jitsi.videobridge.ofmeet.focus.user.password. Hope this helps someone else.

Thank you I was looking for the answer to this for a LONG time!

@Jordan: It seems that I am not able to resolve this still. LDAP is my provider, and in my logs I still get:

2015.03.03 18:24:37 org.jivesoftware.openfire.plugin.ofmeet.OfMeetPlugin - Could NOT create focus user

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: User provider is read-only.

I manually created the user “focus” with a password, and I set that password at: org.jitsi.videobridge.ofmeet.focus.user.password

But still, no joy … above this setting, I have the setting: org.jitsi.videobridge.ofmeet.focus.user.jid --> Is this where the username is? In my logs I see “could not create focus user…” but you mention that you were seeing a message indicating the username with a random string after it. Could you tell me where your log was? Which log were you getting that from?

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