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Openfire 3.3.0 on OS X Server, LDAP setup issues

I have recently installed Openfire 3.3.0 on a Mac running OS X Server v10.4.

I setup Openfire to use the LDAP authentication but I have been unable to get the configuration right. The default setting sorta work (I can see all the users and all of the system groups, but none of the LDAP groups and the group memberships numbers are 0)

I’'ve looked everywhere for Openfire/OS X LDAP specific information but so far I have found next to nothing. Is there any documentation on how to setup the LDAP configuration in Openfire for working with the Mac OS X LDAP schema?


  • Webb

Let me generalize the problem :

  • are you ''re able populate user from LDAP ? if not then you give wrong connection to LDAP ( Server, Port, Base DN,

CN LDAP admin , password LDAP admin

  • are you ''re able populate group from LDAP? if not the you give wrong filter of group, the default is cn so it will create a group for each user, you have to give additional filter for selecting group

  • are you ''re bale populate group member from LDAP ? if not you give wrong field to group member field.

for reference see LDAP guide from openfire wiki

Try this:

groupNameField: apple-group-realname

groupMemberField: memberUid