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Openfire 3.3.0 OpenLDAP Group issue

I recently upgraded from Wildfire 3.0 beta to Openfire 3.3.0. My server is using OpenLDAP, and we had a fully working setup in 3.0beta, however, things are a bit odd with 3.3.0…

We have 850 LDAP users and 35 LDAP groups.

Wildfire 3.0 beta would display the following in the Users/Groups tab:

Total Users: 850

Total Groups: 35

This is the correct output.

Wildfire 3.3.0 displays the following in the Users/Groups tab:

Total Users 850

Total Groups: 885

On the groups page, all of the users as well as groups are displayed. This is obviously not correct.

I am using the same LDAP settings for both servers (read: not the same config file, but the same configuration attributes)

Below is the LDAP configuration information from my current Openfire configuration file. It was generated by the Openfire setup page. I have X’'ed out some sensitive information.