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Openfire 3.3.0beta and Active Directory

Hi all,

since I wasted some time setting up openfire with A/D, I thought I’‘d share a couple of notes which aren’'t

really obvious IMO. My Domain is “int.windows” and my users are (sAMAccountName) FOO and BAR (note the case usage)

  1. The Administrator DN when setting up AD is not your average LDAP DN or just the Logon/sAMAccountName , you have to use “FOO@INT.WINDOWS”, otherwise authentication fails. This might not be too obvious without digging with ldapsearch.

  2. When you add the user FOO to the authorized Admins, you simply add FOO and you’'re done (and openfire.xml does correctly contain FOO uppercased). BUT when you actually login in the web interface using “FOO” will miserably fail. After adding a couple of debug statements here and there I figured out the obvious, and you have to login with lower-cased “foo” after which all is well.

Maybe 1) could benefit from a docs patch, whereas 2) could be considered a minor bug.

I’‘m willing to provide patches if there’'s interest.

thanks so much for openfire, it just rocks and keeps improving