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Openfire 3.3.1 -> 3.3.2 Upgrade


Sorry if I just missed this somewhere, but I can’‘t find the openfire -> openfire upgrade docs. I’'ve found the wildfire -> openfire upgrade docs, but that obviously includes a bit more steps that I would assume openfire -> openfire does.

Server Specs (Both servers are dedicated machines)

WIn2k3: Openfire 3.3.1

WIn2k3 MySql: 5.2.3

Can someone point me to the page with the upgrade docs? I am experiencing I believe the memory leak issues that were repaired in 3.3.2, and would like to upgrade ASAP!

Thank you,


Hey Lyle,

The upgrade should be as easy as running the installer of the new version. You can follow these steps for more info:

  1. Stop Openfire.

  2. Backup the Openfire installation directory. The default is C:\Program Files\Openfire

  3. Backup the Openfire database. Note that the embedded database is backed up in step 2.

  4. Run the installer for the new version of Openfire.

  5. Complete the installer process.

  6. Start Openfire.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

Thank you for the reply first off. I figured it was that easy, and it was. I was experiencing roughly once per day, the server locking up on v3.3.1 because of the memory leak issues. I just backed everything up, upgraded via the same manner you described, and everything was stable from then on.

Thanks again for the response. I might suggest making a updated upgrade document that specifically references openfire -> openfire updates as I couldn’'t find that one specifically anywhere. But then, it could have been just me not finding it.

Thanks again!



Openfire 3.3.2


4GB Ram

Dual Dualcore 2.66 Xeon’'s

1700 Users - Internal Use Only