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Openfire 3.3.2 and asterisk-im 1.3.1 and only one asterisk server monitored

I have openfire 3.3.2 (using ldap) and asterisk-im 1.3.1 setup with 2 asterisk servers. They are both logged in fine to the manager interfaces on the asterisk servers, but only 1 asterisk server is being monitored by openfire, the other’‘s devices, etc, are not logged in any logs and those users presence aren’'t update when they are on the phone.

Any ideas?

Do you have a green light next to both servers in Asterisk-IM and do you have a select box with both on the phone mappings page?

Yes, both servers are green and show up in the select box.

Incidently, I was tcpdumping the packets, and I noted that when the plugin is restarted, there is bunch of data flowing from the openfire server to the second asterisk server for a short while, about 10 to 15 secs. Then it just stops.

I restarted the plugin a bunch of times, and then it started working and monitoring both asterisk servers. It seems to be unstable.

Hmm can you describe how to reproduce this issue?

It’s very easy for me to reproduce the issue. All I do is add two asterisk servers, map users to various extensions on each, then I can see all users phone status changes, regardless of asterisk server. Then after a while it stops showing phone status changes for everyone with extensions on the second asterisk server. Sometimes a restart of the plugin helps, but again after a while the status’ for users on the second asterisk box stop working again.

I’m still having issues with this.

I check both asterisk servers, and both asterisk consoles indicate that the manager is connected from my openfire server to the two pbx’s, but the one server doesn’t report any status changes for users on thee second pbx when they go on the phone.

I should also note that the one asterisk server that works fine is in the same datacenter as our openfire server (not the same subnet or network segment, but still very close) while the second one is in another datacenter of ours across the country. Again, i have verified that the manager is logged in from the openfire server to both asterisk servers, but the server that’s farther away seems to only work a bit, then stops working, but remains logged into asterisk.

Very odd.

This seems to have been resolved now. The only thing I did was update the JRE to Sun JVM 1.6.0_3 from 1.6.0_2. It looks like something on some level wasn’t working well with u2 of the JVM and now is ok under u3. Anyone have any ideas what the difference between u2 and u3 has with the plugin?

Fine, that it works now for you but I have no idea which change in the VM could cause this…