Openfire 3.3 & iBall

Kind of going out on a limb, but I would figure I would ask and see if anyone bit.

In a nutshell i’m runnin Openfire 3.3 (yes I know not most up to date) and the iBall auditor to log conversations/presence etc. This set up has been working just fine for quite some time now and have had no issue untill just recently. For some strange reason that I can not figure out, I can not search the chat history for a short period of time from the plugin on the admin console. It is a 3 week period of time from 9-18 thorugh like 10-10 that I can not search against. I’ve gone out and manually verified that all of the .xml log files are there, and I have even taken some time to look at the files themselves…and there is data, and as far as I can tell the data looks the same as logs from days that I dont have any issues with.

Any ideas other than grabbing an XML parser and manually chewing through these logs?