Openfire 3.4.0 Beta 1 bug

I don’t know if this should be posted here, or in a dedicated 3.4.0 beta area, but anyways here goes… A bug I hyave been trying to get resolved in spark is also showing up in openfire 3.4.0 beta 1. Escapeable names that show as name\20restofname… Under user options, then under a users name, the pick the roster option… it reads:

Below is the list of roster items for user aj\20hill. Shared groups are represented… etc, etc… The Nickname column also has then listed as that style:

alissa\20roseto and

angelica\20zeppetella, and so on… Under JID is also: alissa\20roseto@nrcsmessenger-1…

Hopefully someone taking a look at this might also “SPARK” someone to also maybe take a look at fixing it in the Spark client as well. (As it is really the only cosmetic bug I can see in the spark client, for me at least, most of my users are always asking me why names all show up up with a \20 in their name in chat windows, etc…



4 more bug reports to achieve a Jive t-shirt I wonder would it count if i report some long standing bugs again Like with Offline storage page radio buttons.