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Openfire 3.4.0 Beta 1 Bug

I am posting this here, since this might be the better place to post this rather than the regular openfire area…

Originally here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/29328

A bug I hyave been trying to get

resolved in spark is also showing up in openfire 3.4.0 beta 1.

Escapeable names that show as name\20restofname… Under user options,

then under a users name, the pick the roster option… it reads:

Below is the list of roster items for user aj\20hill. Shared groups are represented… etc, etc… The Nickname column also has then listed as that style:

alissa\20roseto and

angelica\20zeppetella, and so on… Under JID is also: alissa\20roseto@nrcsmessenger-1…

Hopefully someone taking a look at this might also “SPARK” someone to

also maybe take a look at fixing it in the Spark client as well. (As it

is really the only cosmetic bug I can see in the spark client, for me

at least, most of my users are always asking me why names all show up

up with a \20 in their name in chat windows, etc…



Hey Scott,

Thanks for the but report. I created the issue JM-1141 for this problem and will get it fixed for the next beta.


– Gato

Hi Stealth! I can’t really speak for Spark, but regarding the roster viewer… I am now escaping the name as it appears in the paragraph at the top of the page. However a couple of things:

  1. The nicknames generally aren’t escaped in the first place when they’re set in a person’s roster are they? I tested a couple of times with different clients and a space is literally a space. So whatever \20 you are seeing may literally be in there as the nickname for some reason?

  2. The JID … I waffle on that one. To me it’s handy for an administrator to see the full JID as it really us. \20 instead of a space. Do you disagree with this?

Again I’m speaking solely from an admin console standpoint. \20 and such shouldn’t show up to the end user in Spark. =)

Hi Jadestorm!!

Sorry I haven’t been able to respond for a while to your comments, we had some bad brownouts here in our district, and I have been playing “Cleanup” every day for the last few weeks sorting out all the systems that got hit… but anyways

As far as the nickname is concerned, in the main client window of Spark, their name shows up as it should… But, on the client main window ONLY… If you hover your mouse over their name for a second and the info box pops up, their name has the \20 inbetween names instead of the space (in spark), also when you try to send them a message, the top of the message window shows \20 in their name , the tab across the top shows \20 in their name, and their name in the chat window shows \20 in their name… I have been trying to get this fixed…, but as far as the Openfire console it also does that \20 deal in a few areas, 1 which was in the new area of “User Options” under “Roster” which I mentioned… with 3.4.0. beta 2 the JID column shows all with \20 in their names, and the Nickname column all shows \20 in their names… I created all these names back in the wildfire days, and have been fighting my way through all the issues I have with un-escaped names, so when this new area popped up I wanted to make sure it was looked at, so it wouldn’t possibly ending up causing more \20 problems elsewhere… as there are still areas with that issue, that make administering it more difficult (unless I do it all myself in my district)… for example: go to “Group Summary” then I go and click on one of my groups… then I go to the bottom to the “Members of the group” area… if I want to add a member to the group I have to make sure to type a \20 in their name or it will not add… A user “Aj Hill” for example… I cannot just add user Aj Hill, it will say :

User(s) not added successfully.aj is not a registered user.

hill is not a registered user.

as you can see why it would be aggravating for me to try to have a group of my people I designate to administer Openfire, having to try to always remember where they have to put \20 in names or not… When you create a user you DO NOT have to use \20… you see the problem? And when I add users to a group with \20 on purpose, what esle is that maybe affecting? maybe those other areas are causing the bleedover of the \20 into my nicknames… Believe me right now that is my ONLY problem I have with openfire, and more so with spark is the \20 showing up everywhere… not a week goes by without 1 of my 1000 users asking me why 1 year later their names STILL show up with \20 in their name… Your guys are all doing a kick ass job, and believe me it is greatly appreciated! I am not knocking ANYONE, I am just voicing my concerns on the few areas I have been trying to get addressed…

SPARK-575, SPARK-706, SPARK-731, for example…

Thanks again Spark and Openfire team!