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Openfire 3.4.1 and libpurple 2.2.2


I’m hoping someone might have experienced this issue and might have some suggestions. I recently upgraded our installation of openfire to 3.4.1 and after the upgrade I experienced some extremely frustrating problems in group chat. Most of the users of the server are using Pidgin on linux (built on libpurple 2.2.2) as their client of choice. Upon upgrade to openfire 3.4.1, seemingly at random users who send messages to a group chat are not seen by other room occupants (or themselves).

One user who uses Adium on Mac OS X (built on libpurple 2.2.0) is able to see all messages, but it is inconsistent as to whether a user running Pidgin will see the same messages. Sometimes disconnecting/reconnecting solves the problem for a short time, but often times it does not. Sometimes reconfiguring the “resource” in Pidgim will fix the problem, but it can come back.

I ended up downgrading back to 3.3.3 because of this issue and was hoping someone else might have run into this issue and might know the root cause.

Many Thanks,

Bob Kinney