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Openfire 3.4.1 Ent - Archiving issue

I have group conference rooms set to be archived on the server, however, instead of creating just 1 archive, there are several archives. At first glance it appears to be creating a new group chat archive each time there is a user number change in the conference room.

can anyone suggest anything?

Is it possible that each new archive for the group chat room you are seeing is a result of the all the participants leaving the room so that it is empty and then when a user enters the room that was empty a new archive is started?

No, the help desk uses this, and I was sitting in the room all day. It was always populated, there was no mass exodus of users.

Oddly enough, over the past couple of days, the archiving seems to have straightened out on it’s own.

My only question now is regarding the archive setting to log only rooms of particular names. Is it the actual room name (Helpdesk), or is it the XMPP name (whiteboard@conference.domain.com)?

The name that should be specified is the local roomID. So, in your example with the room whiteboard@conference.domain.com, you would specify “whiteboard” without the rest of the JID.

Thanks Scott