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Openfire 3.4.3 solaris package installation

I’ve just tried installing openfire 3.4.3 using the new solaris pkg file on a test system. I have to admit to not being previously familiar with solaris packages, but I see that it has created an smf service. We had created an smf service of our own for previous openfire releases and it ran using the credentials of a non-root user. Can anybody tell me why the new script requires to be run as root and if this is strictly necessary? We prefer not to run services as root.

Hrm. You know, it doesn’t and shouldn’t. Would you mind sending me your services config so I can look it over and compare? Openfire -should- be running as something like daemon or even it’s own openfire user in some instances. Theoretically the root run service should be firing up a daemon/openfire run openfire process, but you’re right, there’s no good reason to do even that if I can just run it from daemon/openfire to begin with.

I 'll send you the service config (as created by the package installation). However, the problem is that openfirectl contains the following near the beginning of the script:

  1. Make sure we are running as root

set /usr/bin/id

if ; then

echo “$0: must be run as root”

exit 1


Hrm. Yeah that needs to be a little more robust. ;D Thanks! JM-1239