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Openfire 3.4.4 has been released

We are pleased to announce the release of Openfire 3.4.4! This release includes an important security fix for Jetty, a number of fixes to LDAP both in terms of retaining settings in the admin console and the ability to store avatars while using LDAP for vCards, and a few other things outlined in the change log found here.

The SparkWeb client included in the Enterprise edition has been updated too. A wealth of bug fixes and improvements have been made, including support for data forms in the user search functionality, allowing one to search any XMPP server. You can use the SparkWeb client from here.

Download Openfire from here.

Download Openfire Enterprise from here.

Download Connection Manager from here


Openfire Team

Looks good.

*.deb installed fine on Ubuntu JeOS 7.10.

Avatars work with LDAP now internally and via XMPP Gateway, but not with ICQ/MSN/Yahoo (probably normal?)

However, Search filter still wrecks the openfire.xml when containing an “&”. (Yeah I know JM-703 is still open )

Update does this as well as it seems to parse the openfire.xml again? Or I may have had something left from previous tests…

Oh by the way… I passed my final presentation (for my apprenticeship) about Openfire with 97%. Part of this thanks to the nice community and the helpful answers

Thanks for the update and yes I know that’s still broken ;D It’s slated for 3.4.5. (in fact I’m working on it “right now”)

And congrats on the apprenticeship!