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Openfire 3.4.5 Custom Active directory setup

I’m using Openfire 3.4.5 and a non-custom active directory setup. How do you get it to read the correct folder for the user names and groups?

You need to set the BaseDN for your AD setup. I hope by non-custom you do not mean that your users/groups are in the default Users folder. If they are you should create an OU and move them to it. In any case set your BaseDN to the location of your user/groups. For example: OU=Users,DC=domain,DC=com. Your AdminDN would be and email address of sort: johndoe@domain.com.

I can not stress enough the need for good organization of your AD domain. Create OUs and sub OUs for organization. Stick to conventional DOS naming (no spaces or strange characters). I created an OU struct that plays well with LDAP. 3 Main OUs with sub OUs. 1 for users and ldap groups, 1 for security groups, and 1 for computers. My LDAP querying servers only nee look at that first OU for all their data.

Thanks that worked. It’s very organized actually, that’s why I was wondering how to show the other folders. OU is what I was looking for. I have another question: How do you pre-populate groups into another users’ spark without the user having to do nothing. I try but when I open up spark again the groups are not there.

In the openfire admin page goto the users/groups tab. Goto group summary and find the ones you want to prepopulate and share them. Also I would recommend the subscription plugin, which can be loaded from the plugin page. Configure it from the server tab/subscription properties. Set it to Accept All so that users will not have to confirm the addition of the ID to other’s rosters.

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