OpenFire 3.4.5 with Jetty 6.1 over proxy


I’m encountering a problem when a client behind a proxy tries to connect to openfire.

I’ll describe the scenario:

The client is an HTTP XMPP client.

The client connects to the server through a proxy.

After successful login, the client sends an empty Body request with request id = X and waits for response.

After a while, the proxy returns to the client a 502 Proxy error because a proxy timeout as occured.

The client resends the request with the **same **request ID. (JSJac implementation)

Then the server goes into an infinite loop, prints continuation indefinetly to the log, with CPU Usage of 60-90%.

If I’m decreasing the ‘wait’ attribute to lower than the Proxy timeout it all works well.

If the client increases the request ID by one ( X + 1 ) after getting the 502 response it all works well.

Waiting for your response,

Idan Katalan