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Openfire 3.4 Clustering Beta Program

We need your feedback on the Openfire Enterprise 3.4.0 Beta with Clustering!

Why We Need Your Help

A major milestone in Openfire scalability and redundancy has arrived (in beta), and you have the chance to contribute to its success and get nice benefits in return. Clustering in Openfire Enterprise was engineered to support a larger number of users on a single domain by utilizing several servers working together to handle the load. The other major benefit of clustering is redundancy so that when more than one server handling the load it is possible for one of the servers to fail while keeping the service operational.

Many portions of the Openfire server needed to be rewritten for this release. Therefore, it is very important that you help us test the server before we release the final version!

What You Get for Participating

When the official version of Openfire Enterprise 3.4.0 is released on November 1, 2007 you will have the option of the following –

  • New customers get 6 free months of Openfire Enterprise licenses (buy 12 months and get an 18 month license) within 30 days after the release of Openfire Enterprise 3.4.0.

  • Existing customers get a 50% discount on new nodes purchased within 30 days after the release of Openfire Enterprise 3.4.0, so purchases must be made by December 1, 2007.

Here’s What You Need to Do

  1. Download Openfire Enterprise 3.4.0 Beta and follow the install document

  2. Run the test cases as described in the testing document

  3. Provide to Jive proof of multiple machine installations and test cases as described in the incentive program document

  4. As submissions are reviewed you will be contacted on how you would like complete the discounted purchase of Openfire Enterprise.

BONUS: Five or more reported errors gets you a cool Jive t-shirt (and not just any old t-shirt but

a cool American Apparel t-shirt)

Please read the additional fine print on this promotion.

Happy testing,

Openfire Team

the first bug report would be a windows installer which is now freezed at “uninstalling previous version” for 5-10 mins.

Hey wroot,

Could you post the bug report in the discussion page of the beta space? Remember to post more information that would be needed to reproduce the problem.


– Gato

naah, dont have time to post real bug report and this is not about clustering anyway:) actually it did uninstall old version, just installer hanged up. so i had to kill it and run again.

Another non-cluster issue is that plugins are not deleted until you restart server.

In overall it seems that everything is working fine and you havent broken anything with that clustering thing. Plugins uploading works. User’s roster management works (though there is some ???user.roster.filter??? strange string on that page). So i’m waiting for a 3.4.0

BTW, what’s the system property for disabling rss feed in Admin Console?